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Breast Enhancement Time


Hello, the best time for breast enhancement is 7 days after menstruation. These 7 days are due to the rise of male hormones, which is also the best time for breast development again. Breasts are also an important part of women's bodies. Be sure to take care of them. Don't blindly breast enlarge, take the right way to be the most effective and the healthiest. Therefore, avoid the use of drugs. In fact, these methods of breast enhancement after menstruation are more effective than ordinary drugs. The key is that they are healthy and do not cause any side effects on the breast. Let ’s take a look.

1. First, you can use breast massage. After the menstruation, you can start breast massage. When you take a bath every day, you can massage your chest clockwise with both hands, first with hot water and then with cold water. Not to mention how good the breast enhancement effect is.
2, papaya milk breast enhancement, papaya milk is also popular for a long time breast enhancement method, in fact, the method is very simple, first papaya seeds, then cut into pieces, squeezed in a juicer, and then add milk to the mix, This is a simple way, not only delicious but also breast enhancement.
3. The use of pig's hoof collagen to increase breasts and start eating after menstruation, the effect is also very obvious. For women, eating more pigs' trotters can increase breasts, and the effect is still very good, eat three or four times a week Do n’t eat too much without eating to avoid getting fat.
Although breast enhancement is a very important thing for women, do not think about taking shortcuts to breast augmentation. This is not good for the body, so diet and massage are the best choice for breast enhancement.
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