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Breast Enhancement Machine


The types of breast enhancement instrument are introduced as follows

1) Negative pressure breast enhancement
The equipment adopts the effect of vacuum negative pressure on the human body, which is attracted by the special tool in the breast through the negative pressure inside the instrument, and generates negative pressures of different rhythms in the breast, which relatively lifts the breast body and achieves the effect of increasing the breast.
2) Electrical pulse stimulation
Modulated voltage and current pulses with different frequencies are applied to the breast body to stimulate breast internal tissues and activate cells to increase its elasticity.
3) Light irradiation
Divided into strong light, colorful light, infrared spectrum, etc., the use of light on the body to achieve the purpose of breast enhancement. Please refer to the specific effects of various colors of light on the body
4) Oxygenation breast enhancement
Oxygen-enriching breast is injected with pure oxygen directly through the skin epidermal cells into the cell microcirculation system through the needle-free oxygen injection technique, and oxygen is used to enhance breast growth to achieve breast enhancement, but the effect is different for different people.
5) Auxiliary massage
Generally, the combination of vibration and air pressure is used to massage the breast, stimulate different positions, and sometimes increase the magnetic field.
6) Comprehensive instrument
Some instruments have two or more functions at the same time to achieve more results with less effort.
Double pump breast enhancement instrument
The dual-pump breast enhancement instrument promotes high-speed chest movements to achieve breast enhancement effects through the power of the dual pump inhalation and exhalation! At the same time, it absorbs peripheral growth factors and peripheral muscle fat to concentrate on the chest for growth. It is one of the breast enhancement equipment commonly used in beauty salons.
Principle editing
The breast enhancement instrument promotes female estrogen secretion according to the physiological function of the human body, stimulates the generation of breast fat cells, and enlarges the breast without rebounding. This machine is based on the principle of vacuum constant pressure aerobic adsorption, which can transfer excess body fat such as body and back to the chest through fat removal tank, and convert the loose molecular coenzyme of free fat into prosthetic group through aerobic physical multi-frequency effect Retained in breast tissue, provide sufficient attachment space for new coenzymes (new free fat group) and perform stepwise transformation to produce a quantitative increase in breast cell tissue, achieving a safe and rapid breast enhancement effect. And apply physical negative pressure similar to person massage to help breasts focus movement, accelerate blood circulation, promote lymphatic smoothness, activate breast factors, increase blood flow of thymic tissues while reviving them, increase the supply of breast tissues, and promote thymic tissues Re-growth. At the same time stimulate the pituitary gland, promote female hormone secretion and trigger uterine contraction. It produces estrogen necessary for breast development and enhances the absorption of female hormones by the glands. Accelerate breast cell division and replication, awaken dormant breast cells in the breast, and promote secondary development. Make flat, petite, dry and drooping breasts quickly full and enlarged, tighten the pectoral muscle ligaments to increase breast elasticity, and make sagging breasts quickly firm and round. It can be 2-4 cm at a time according to different constitutions. This machine can enlarge the meridian of the chest, unblock the lymph glands, promote lymph circulation while increasing breasts, soothing and reducing the effects of lobular hyperplasia, balancing endocrine and delaying menopause.
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