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How to use the facial steamer to make the most of it


Steaming the face is an effective whitening method. In recent years, household steamers have gradually come into the sight of people. It has gradually entered women's families with its small appearance.

1. The function of the facial steamer is to open the pores by hot steam, dredge the pores, help the skin detoxify, accelerate blood circulation, remove dirt, eliminate dark spots and wrinkles, and make the skin on the face red, delicate, white and translucent.
2. Be sure to wash your face before using the steamer. If the dirt on the skin surface is not cleaned, they may enter the skin with the pores open, which may have an adverse effect.
3. When using the steamer, be sure to add cold water to the water storage tank to avoid tap water, because tap water has more impurities and is not good for the skin.
4. During use, be sure to keep the distance between the face and the spray port too close. It may cause burns. If it is too far away, it may not be effective. Generally, it is more suitable to keep it at about 20cm.
5. After the face is steamed, because the pores are open, if you can use a cleansing facial cleanser to perform a deep cleaning, the dirt in the pores can be easily cleaned out.
6. After the dirt in the pores is cleaned, apply a cold towel to the face to shrink the pores and prevent the dirt from entering again.
7. After applying, do a routine maintenance, apply toner and apply body lotion.
Notes on using the steamer to steam your face
1. Sensitive or lees skin
Sensitive or distillery skin, cheeks are prone to redness or obvious microvessels, many red acne scars on the face, sunburn or dermatitis on the skin are not suitable for steaming the face. People who have recently undergone acid skin resurfacing, laser treatment, or skin wounds are not suitable for steaming their faces. People with oily skin and prone to blisters are not suitable for regular steaming; dry skin should be steamed for a shorter time, and follow-up moisturizing should be done.
2. Steaming time should not be too long
For steamed noodles, steamed noodles are just an auxiliary method. You need to perform a series of maintenance exercises after steaming the noodles to achieve the best nursing effect. For steamed noodles, it is advisable to 1-2 times a week. 10 10-15 minutes is best.
3. Distance when steaming face
When steaming your face, the distance is generally about 30-40 cm, and it should not be too close. Pay attention to the temperature and the amount of steam when steaming your face to prevent the steam from scalding your eyes, skin or respiratory tract.
4. Keep out of reach of children
Keep out of reach of children and play with the steamer to avoid danger.
Steamed face is more important to pay attention to the steam temperature and time. If the skin is repeatedly exposed to excessively high temperatures for a long time, it will easily cause chronic injury, leading to premature skin aging and permanent microvascular dilatation. But as long as it can be used in a timely, moderate, appropriate and correct manner, steaming the face is a good auxiliary tool for deep skin cleansing and subsequent maintenance.
Summary: The face steamer is a good beauty skin care instrument, which is a good choice for modern women. If you don't have time to go to the beauty salon, you can choose to use it at home. Use it 1-2 times a week to make your Skin looks vibrant.
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