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Modle Number:HL-H002
Product Name:Hydra facial machine HL-H002

hydra facial machine fine line,remove wrinkle,spots,blackhead,skin rejuvenation,shink pore...

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  • 3 in 1 portable hydra microdermoabrasion machine
    Hydra micro-dermabrasion operates on the premise that encouraging exfoliation of the skin is desirable. The word “micro” is used to separate this procedure from true dermabrasion, where the deeper layers of the skin are removed. By using a motorized brush system or bombarding the skin with hispeed particles, it is possible to remove desquamating corneocytes, and make the skin smoother and softer with a better color.
     It is important not to go any deeper into the skin than the first few layers of stratum corneum to avoid scarring and other problems.
    Hydra dermabrasion can be used by trained skin care professionals because it does not enter the living layers of the skin; any procedure that enters the living layers of the skin and causes bleeding should be performed by a physician.
    Hydra dermabrasion skin rejuvenation instrument indications:
    1, eliminate acne, pock:
    Diamond dermabrasion skin can completely remove dead skin cells, promote skin cell renewal,
    Improve the pore permeability, thereby reducing the generation of acne. While improving skin tone, make acne
    Scars, acne can be quickly eliminated.
    2, to improve facial skin:
    1) improve the aging skin dull lack of flexibility;
    2) dilute pigmentation, whitening uniform color;
    3) rapid skin tissue regeneration, calm facial wrinkles, make the skin smooth and soft;
    4) can refine pores, remove blackheads, make the skin fresh and elastic;
    5) improve the eye of fat particles fine lines dark circles and bags under the eyes, the eye bright eyes bright reply;
    6) improves lymphatic circulation and detoxification function of the body to improve:
    7) can dilute eliminate stretch marks and fat pattern;
    8) the body can get rid of aging skin, stimulate blood circulation, the skin and rehabilitation so that the body skin delicate and flexible.
     3, the body improve:
    1) can dilute eliminate stretch marks and fat pattern;
    2) the body can get rid of aging skin, stimulate blood circulation, the skin and rehabilitation so that the body skin delicate and flexible.
    Oxygen spray :
    Care spray oxygen function:
    Quickly replenishes nutrients and moisture, smooth skin, fade spots, improve the complexion, dull conditions, leaving skin rosy, white, transparent, detailed, tight, with special spa oils better. Can enhance the aerobic metabolism of human cells, enhance the skin's nutrition output, improve the body immunity, activate the skin cell activity, improve skin cell metabolism, but also obtain anti-aging, whitening, remove dark circles, acne, sensitive skin improvement effect.
    Beauty Equipment market advantage:
    1. to attract new customers and enhance the visibility of beauty salons.
    2. To enhance the beauty salon grade and expand profit margins.
    3. Strengthening the effectiveness of products, improve product price, and promote consumer spending.
    4. The creation of new courses, adding new items.
    5. Can any medication with products for care efficiency, enhance self-confidence beautician, thereby driving pins.
  • Application:
    Hydra water dermabrasion help to improve the appearance of
    -fine lines & wrinkles
    -hyperpigmentation & melasma
    -sun damaged skin
    -age spots
    -blackheads & whiteheads
    -enlarged pores
    -excess oil
    -puffy eyes
    -rejuvenation,overall skin health
  • Spec
    Voltage:AC100V~240V, 47~63Hz
    Vacuum pressure:70KPa
    tips:8pieces hydro tips and 9 diamond tips
    handel:3pcs diamond handle,1pc hydro handle,1pc oxygen spray handle,Package size:73*45*40cm(1 unit/box)
    Gross weight 25kg
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