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Modle Number:HL-EM03
Product Name:Plasma pen 2 in 1 machine(Plasma BT)


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  • Plasma Work theory:First and foremost,Plasma Skin Regeneration is not a laser,pulsed light,or radio frequency procedure.Plasma Skin Regeneration has a resurfacing and rejuvenating effect by harnessing thermal energy,which is generated by the sun and naturally present around us all the time.Because the thermal energy released into the skin during a Plasma treatment is uniformly absorbed,the treated area experiences incredible collagen and elastin regeneration.The new,healthy tissue eventually replaces the wrinkled,damaged tissue.

    What is Plasma?
    Plasma is not a laser,not a radio frequency,not an ultrasound,not a photon.Plasma is the fourth condition that is different from solids,liquids,and gases.It's a gas that's highly dissociated.
    1. TDDS plasma delivery technology,rapid opening of cell adhesion molecules (CAM),producing 60-200 times more shock,human absorption,just need 30 seconds,the solution is instantly absorbed by the skin.
    2. The plasma energy has a strong ability to disinfect,effectively destroy bacteria by avoiding the destruction of the molecular structure of bacteria and avoid causing various skin problems3.The plasma energy causes the aging cells to shrink and recombine through the sputtering phenomenon,and at the same time inhibits the precipitation of melanin,leaving the skin bright and flawless.
    4.Plasma energy exerts high-energy heat and pressure during transportation,forms hydrogen gas on the surface of the skin,and acts on the skin. Rapidly generate F-DBD submicron plasma radicals between cells to reproduce normal cell membrane voltage and balance skin structure
    All the ions in the body regenerate the collagen,causing the unhealthy structure that has been damaged and affected by the control of the pigment to produce an effective self-healing effect,stimulate the production of collagen and fibroblasts,and prevent skin aging.
    5.Non-invasive superconductors increase the flow of nutrients between cells and promote cell uptake by stabilizing cavitation.And open the channel in the cell membrane to accelerate product absorption.

  • Storage Method:Temperature(-10&deg;C~40&deg;C),Humidity(20%~80%)
    Rated Power and Frequency:AC 100-240V,50/60HZ
    Power Consumption:50VA
    Electric Protection Type and Degree:1st Class Device BF type connection par
    Size and Weight:316(W)x316(D)x280(H)mm/10Kg

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