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Modle Number:HL-FU04B


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  • 4D HIFU face and body treatment

    Longtree 12 lines 4D HIFU is ultrasound energy distance of width, length and depth, which more Comprehensive, three-dimensional. Directly delivers heat energy to skin and subcutaneous tissue that can stimulate and renew the skin's collagen and thus consequently improving the texture and reducing sagging of the skin.  

    High intensity focused ultrasound machine focusing reaches the SMAS layer with its specific high-energy focused ultrasound, improves the SMAS suspension, comprehensively solve the facial sagging and relaxation problems. It accurately positions the ultrasonic power on the SMAS 4.5mm under skin, performing the best effect

     of shaping, pulling and compacting for muscle growth and traction; impacts on the collagen layer 3mm under skin, making the collagen restructured and newborn, solving the aging problems by recovering elasticity, skin whitening, wrinkle removing and pores shrinking.


    Treatment site and energy reference

    1.5mm cartridge

    Neck:0.6J, Temple/Crow's feet:0.5J, Forehead:0.5J

    3.0mm cartridge

    Neck:1.0J, Chin:1.0J, Jaw:0.8J, Cheek:1.0J, Temple:0.7J, Forehead: 0.6J.

    4.5mm cartridge

    Apple muscle:0.8J, Chin:1.0J, Jaw:0.7J,Cheek:1.0J, Temple:0.7J, Forehead 0.4J.

    6.0mm cartridge

    Back: 0.8J, Chest: 0.6J, Abdomen: 1.0J,Hand : 1.0J.

    8.0mm cartridge

    Chest: 0.7J, back: 0.8J, abdomen: 1.0J.

    10mm cartridge

    Chest: 0.7J, back: 0.8J, abdomen: 1.0J.

    13mm cartridge

    Abdomen: 1.0J, leg: 1.0J, buttocks: 1.2J.

    16mm cartridge

    Abdomen 0.8J, buttocks: 1.2J.

    Radar lce Sculpture Machine Theroy

    Radar lce Sculpture combines a sophisticated radar automatic tracking system with mechanical radar waves to precilocate the deep layers of the skin, the fascia layer, the fat layer and the muscle layer,and actively identify fat cells,fibroblasts and collagen cells to achieve efficacy of tightening the loose skin ,Smoothing the skin ,removing wrinkles,reshaping the facial, creating a V-face and frosting age to anti-aging .

    By using mechanical millimeter radar waves with good tissue penetration, accurately transfer 65 degrees of thermalenergy to the SMAS layer of the skin (approximately 3.5mm ~ 4.5mm), effectively stimulate fibroblasts to split the necells at 40 times per second,Dissolves facial fat cells,tightens skin contours, repairs damaged fibrous tissue, stimularegeneration of collagen cells, and quickly achieves the effect of face-lifting 

    and firming Q-bombs.At the same time, 1precise positioning of radar waves can be used to actively identify fat cells. Through a unique self-cooling mode, it careach the depths of the target in a massage treatment mode.so that patients do not feel painful.


    1.Mechanical millimeter radar wave transmits65 degrees of thermal energy to the SMASlayer (about 3.5mm to 4.5mm), which causes thermal coagulation shinks the skin regenerates collagen, tightens the skin,removes wrinkles, improves relaxation,reshapes the contours .

    2.The accurate positioning of the mechmillimeter radar wave can actively identcells, and has a good blasting effecton subcutaneous adipose tissue. It haseffects of lipolysis, thin face, and slimming

    4D HIFU MACHINE HL-FU04B(image 1)

  • Functions:

    Remove wrinkles on around forehead, eyes, mouth, etc. Lifting and tightening both cheeks skin. Improving skin elasticity and shaping contour. Tightening the skin tissue on forehead, lifting the eyebrows lines. Improving skin complexion, making the skin delicate and bright Removing neck wrinkles, protecting neck aging.

    Ice-vmax function

    1.Facial lifting , reshaping contours ,Tightening the eyes, cheeks, forehead and neck, improve the contour of all facial.2. Skin firming, improve relaxation skin , stimulate collagen regeneration in the body, increase collagen content in skin,increase the skin elasticity, restore skin firm ,review plump young skin

    2.Increase metabolism, reverse aging - promote the decomposition of subcutaneous fat and the metabolism of collagcells, stimulate the spontaneous proliferation and reorganization of elastic fibers, reverse the process of aging due totloss of collagen cells

    3.Control the secretion of facial oils, contract facial pores.

    4.Remove wrinkles , such as crow's feet,forehead line, eyebrow , squatting , ears , lips , nasolabial furrows, and neckwrinkles, to review smooth skin.

  • SIZE:55*48.5*48

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