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How to remove dark circles,laser,ultrasound or photon rejuvenation?


For dark circles caused by different reasons, the choice of surgical plan is crucial.
Glaucoma caused solely by poor blood circulation. It is necessary to adjust the time of work and rest to reduce the stress of life and work. You can also  use skin care products regularly such as eye cream and eye mask to  improve the condition of dark circles effectively.
The simplest and most effective solution to the tear-groove-type dark circles caused by sunken eyes is hyaluronic acid.
It can stimulate the proliferation of collagen, accelerate local blood circulation, metabolize melanin, and also prevent the regeneration and deposition of melanin.
The recommended treatment for dark circles caused by venous blood retention around the eyes is to remove dark circles with ultrasound. The specific ultrasound produces a fine vibration massage on the tissues, improves the skin around the eyes and removes dark circles. The maintenance time is longer. If the first treatment is not effective, a second treatment can be performed.
Ultrasound therapy belongs to physical therapy and does not require surgery, but care should be taken to avoid burns with excessive energy. Once redness occurs, it is recommended to stop treatment by the science department.
The best treatment for dark circles caused by external factors is photon rejuvenation. Photon rejuvenation and dark circles are divided into type1 and types 2. Type 1 is suitable for the treatment of light damage, such as ultraviolet damage and pigmentation.Type 2 is suitable for skin damage, such as pores, elastic tissue and wrinkles. Note that you cannot exfoliate half a year after surgery and pay attention to sunscreen.

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