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Skin Analyser Machine


The interface of the instrument is beautiful, practical and comprehensive. There is several major analysis modules and can analyze skin oil, moisture, pigmentation, pores and skin age accurately.
The moisture data is obtained directly by obtaining the moisture data under the cuticle of the skin, and the data accuracy is high.
It can see the pigment under the skin and the health of the skin, and can measure and monitor these changes over time. It can help you understand the issues of skin aging,such as skin oil content, water content, skin pigmentation and distribution, sun damage, pores and wrinkles.
It can also be used to track the progress of treatment, Even the smallest change, it can show you confidence and direction of treatment quantitatively.
The product uses a coaxial cold light source channel light surrounding the lens, imported combined coated lenses.It can be connected to the computer. The image clarity can be adjusted.
It includes a freeze function, which allows you to detect and analyze the skin texture of the skin texture quickly and clearly, such as the depth, roughness, pore size, etc.They can be compared at the same time.

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