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Modle Number:HL-G10
Product Name:Cryo Cavitaiton HL-G10


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  • 1.Safety Notice
      1.1 Please don’t disassemble the equipment or try to do some other operation, which haven’t been indicated in our instruction. All the repairing work should be done by our admitted professional personnel
      1.2 Please don’t assemble or operate this equipment while you are near the water or your hands are wet. Notice that don’t pour the liquid on it.
      1.3 Please pull out the plug from the socket when you met such conditions as below. And in touch with professional maintenance Station.
        A. The equipment touched liquid
        B. The equipment has abnormal smell, smoking or loud and strong noise.
        C. Cable is broken
        D. The equipment is fallen down and broken
      1.4 Please don’t put anything on the cables, don’t place the equipment at any place where someone can step on the cable.
      1.5 Please pull out the power cable after using it for your safety
      1.6 Don’t put anything into the equipment’s jack, otherwise it may cause fire or touch the electricity. If something enters the equipment, please don’t pick it out by yourself, contract distributor or our company immediately
      1.7 Please don’t put the equipment on the anything that can’t stand steadily, avoid it turns over and damage.
      1.8 Our company has the right to modify the information in this introduction before notify! And keep the explanations right for the above.

    2.Operation Notice
    Before operation, please read the following content.
      2.1 It is essential to make different setting according to specific treatment demand.
      2.2 The application of The machine must never be painful and cause redness to the skin or leave marks.
      2.3 Move the treatment heads slowly over the skin of the body or the face.Don’t letting them stop in anyone place on the skin.
      2.4 Do not apply the device on children less than 7 years old. The treatment to children over 7 requires medical advice.
      2.5 Do not use this device if suffering from a fever, inflammation, dermatitis (acne, eczema, herpes), warts,open or recently stitched wounds, serious and progressive illnesses (cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, blood diseases, etc. or blood coagulation problems. Do not apply the device if you have or have had phlebitis, after veins surgery within the last two months, if you have varicose veins or tingling in your limbs, if you have any concerns consult a physician.
      2.6 Never use the device on a pregnant woman.
      2.7 The machine could be used on all external and healthy areas of the body except the eyes, throat, ears,glottis and the genital area.
      2.8 Must not be applied inside the mouth, or on mucous membrane, or on nipples, or moles without medical advice.
      2.9 Never use the device if you suffer from epilepsy. The device must not be used by any person suffering from mental illness.
      2.10 In the case of long-term treatment with drugs such as anti-inflammation, anticoagulants, antibiotics or if your skin bruises at the slightest shock, ask advice of your doctor/physician before using.
      2.11 Never apply to the body parts with jewelry or ring.
      2.12 Regular use of The machine enhances well-being; it is better not to stop its use for a prolonged period of time. Not following operating instructions and usage recommendations may bring lesser results than expected. Do not use the device longer than the recommended time.
      2.13 If your symptoms have no improvement, or if in any doubt on the use, consult your doctor.
      2.14 Effect may vary depending on your age, life habits (level of physical activity, diet, etc.).
      2.15 The machine can be used after any plastic surgery only while following the instruction of the surgeon.
      2.16 The machine is designed for professional use only, any personal use of this device is prohibited.
      2.17 The Machine continuous working time shall not exceed 2 hours.The best way is cut the power off,let the machine have a rest for 10-15 mins. After the machine have worked for a hour.

    3. General Structure
    Parts pictures
    Cryo Cavitaiton HL-G10(image 1)

    4.Key Technology
      4.1 Minus 20℃ freezing vacuum sculptor.
      4.2 40KHz strong wave cavitation.
      4.3 RF fat dissolve.

    5.Main Function
      5.1 Body shaping,fat dissolving,repel the cellulite.
      5.2 Lymphatic drainage,promoting metabolism&blood circulation.
      5.3 Decrease the excessive water and prevent the fat from accumulation.
      5.4 Tightening skin,strengthen skin elasticity,skin lift
      5.5 Clear belly wrinkles,especially the stretch marks.
      5.6 Complementing the collagen,skin rejuvenation.
    6.Preparation Before Use
      6.1 Install the 4 attached caster wheels on the machine, fasten the screws.
      6.2 Install the attached on-hook on the machine, put the probes into the corresponding racks.
      6.3 Before using the Cryolipolysis Fat freeze Slimming Machine, it is required to open the inlet, and overflow behind for adding distilled water or purified water.
      6.4 Connect the attached water funnel to the inlet, start adding purified water until water flows
      out from the overflow, and then close the inlet and overflow.
      6.5 Check the host power cable is connected.
      6.6 Check the key switch of machine is connected.

    7.User Interface
    Press any key to enter the main menu o o o to enter the system.
    Cryo Cavitaiton HL-G10(image 2)
      7.1 Click "CAVITATION" to enter the 40K fat exploding function.
      7.2 Click "BODY RF " to enter the RF function.
      7.3 Click "CRYO " to enter the vacuum cryolipolysis cool-sculpturing function.
      7.4 Click "LIPO LASER " to enter the Laser function.
    The main menu interface for cavitation
    Cryo Cavitaiton HL-G10(image 3)
    Operation process:
    Press"to start the operation"
    The main menu interface for RF system
    Cryo Cavitaiton HL-G10(image 4)
    Operation process:
      1. "Time"refers to the time of operation, which can be set by.
      2. "Intensity"refers to the RF intensity, which can be set by.
      3. Press"to start the operation"

    8.Treatment settings
    Cryolipolysis Treatment settings
    (Put on the Anti-freeze Mask on the treat area)
      1. Usually 30-60 minutes for each part(depending on thickness of fat and health status,After 25-30 minutes of treatment, press the pause button to suspend the suction, check and add antifreeze fluid..)
      2. Can only treat cellulite part by part, for example, to eliminate cellulite of the entire waist, you need to complete several courses.
      3. Take a another cooling procedure at the same position 1 or 2 months after the first course, which can reduce the extra fat layer thickness, twice treatment, can enhance the effect of cryolipolysis, but not recommended to accept treatment repeatedly at random.
      4. Cryolipolysis cool-sculpturing treatment is designed for those physically healthy people who have local fat deposits, but not suitable for the one with overall obesity. It can target at the fat at a specific part, such as waist, abdomen, back, etc. The treatment is not a panacea, it can not treat obesity. It is not a substitute for liposuction or other invasive treatments. Substantial weight loss should be achieved through a balanced diet and regular exercise, cryolipolysis cool-sculpturing treatment can only eliminate the extra fat.
      5. Use appropriate and constant suction intensity, the suction intensity is adjustable according to the patient's individual vulnerability.At the same time, the mode of suction and massage can be used.
      6. Qualified antifreeze fluid is necessary to avoid frostbite during the treatment process when the temperature is reduced to 0 to -40 degrees. [Consumables, purchased by the user]
      7. After the treatment, skin injury, minor frostbite, or pigment may occur, pay attention to take good care of it.
    Do the treatments like the following Steps, Circle and circle, Control the whole treatment within 30 to 60 minutes base on fatness n n n in different individuals.(If you Set the intensity lower than 6,you can suck the cryo handle n n n in one area for longer, but need o o o to check the treatment area every 20 minutes to check the redness & brusing)
    Cavitation Treatment settings
      1.The CAVITATION treatment focuses on the abdomen, thighs (“saddle bags”) and flanks (“love handles").
      2.Treatments are 20 minutes long, covering a body area the size of an A4 page.
    If you want a larger area covered, treatment time can be extended.
      3.Drink at least 2 liters of water before your treatment and another 2 litres in the day after your treatment (soft drink, soda, juice or tea is not water).
      4.Do not drink ANY alcohol or caffeine in the day of treatment of 48hrs after.
      5.Use Dry Skin Brushing daily to stimulate lymph movement (your Naturopath will show you how to do this).
      6.Do not have a hot shower (warm is alright), spa or sauna straight after treatment.
      7.Diet: Follow a fat free, low starch, low sugar diet for best results (your Naturopath will give you an info sheet).
      8.Exercise: Do brisk exercise for at least 20 minutes after your treatment to stimulate lymph movement.
      9.An average of 2 cm reduction in circumference was achieved after a single treatment of the abdomen,outer thighs, or flanks.
    RF Treatment settings
      1.RF treatment takes 20 minutes in generally. Treatments can be applied to the arms, buttocks or thighs to aim for skin tightening, reduced improvement in stretch marks and fat dissolve.
      2.The optimal frequency for using Focus Fractional RF is 2 -3 times a 
    week for 6-8 weeks. It is recommended that the Focus Fractional RF device not be used more than once every other day.
      3.Letting the skin rest in between each treatment is important to allow the natural process of the skin’s collagen renewal to take full effect.
      4.Keeping in mind that the treatment does not stop the aging process:
      - For Cellulite - results typically last a few months if a regime of diet and exercises is followed.
      - For longer term results the customer needs to return for maintenance treatments every 4-8 weeks.

    9.Suggest Operation

    Treated time: 20 to 30 minutes
      1. From down to upper, pushing to the groin to dredge the lymph.
      2. From down to upper, circling push by anticlockwise, can help decomposing fatness.
      3. Also can push by come-and-go to decompose fatness.
      4. Pull from the knee and muscle texture to upper, can improve the curve.
    Cryo Cavitaiton HL-G10(image 5)

    Treated time: 20 to30 minutes
      1. Along the lymph direction, pulling to the waist.
      2. From upper to down, by anticlockwise gesture, pull come-and-go.
      3. Along the muscle of arm, pull up to lift and tight the muscle.
    Cryo Cavitaiton HL-G10(image 6)

    Treated time: 20 to30 minutes
      1. First by come-and-go, pushing the bladder nerve 2 to 3 times.
      2. Circling by anticlockwise to stimulate the underarm lymph node.
      3. On the back, by anticlockwise circling, can help to decompose the fatness.
      4. Using lymph drainage gesture, pull the toxin to the lymph node, can help improving
      the back curve.
    Cryo Cavitaiton HL-G10(image 7)

    Treated time: 20 to 30 minutes
    -- BACK SIDE
      1.From the inner elbow to the armpit, doing lymph drainage.
      2.Circling to stimulate the lymph node.
      3.By anticlockwise or come-and-go pushing, decomposing the fatness.
      4. From the elbow to the oxter, doing tightening gesture.
    -- Facade
      1. From the elbow to the oxter, doing tightening gesture.
    Cryo Cavitaiton HL-G10(image 8)

    Treated time: 20 to30 minutes
     1.From small to large, by clockwise direction, circling around the navel can help peristalsis
        of the large intestine.
      2.From small to large, by anticlockwise direction, circling push down.
      3. From the belly and muscle texture, pull to the groin.
      4.Through lymph drainage gesture, taking the toxin to the place of groin.
    Cryo Cavitaiton HL-G10(image 9)

    Lipo-Laser Treatment settings
    Adjust parameters according to feeling of customer and response of skin.
    Fat Tyep Target area Mode Power (hz) Time (mins)
    Fat hoarding Abdomen and waist Continous 200 20-30mins
      Thighs and upper arms Continous 100-200 20-30mins
    flabby fat tissue and flabby skin
    Abdomen and waist Continous 200 20-30mins
      Thighs and upper arms Continous 100-200 20-30mins

      1) The thicker the hoarding fat, the longer treatment time required. The lower optical power selected, the longer treatment time required.
      2) It is important that the patient should be committed to the recommended lifestyle protocol which includes at least 6 treatments, every other day for at least 20 minutes for each target area and not to exceed 72 hours between treatments. If more than 72 hours intervenes, some of the fat may be uptaken by the fat cells again.
      3) People can see results after 4-6 treatment sessions as their clothes fit more loosely.
    After Lipo-Laser Treatment
    After lipo laser treatment, patient can get back to their normal activities immediately with absolutely no downtime, nor pain, swelling or any discomfort..
      ※ Maintain healthy diet; Increase fiber and water intake leads up to the procedure to increase the slimming speed;
      ※ Take exercise daily (exercise at least 30 minutes a day)
      ※ Abstain from alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol and caffeine interfere with the lymphatic process.
      ※ Presso therapy is recommended to accelerate lymphatic process and metabolism.

    10. Points for attention
      1.The machine must be operated by professionals.
      2.Do use antifreeze membranes.
      3.The patient cannot receive the treatment if he/she has following medical electronic
        - Implanted cardiac pacemakers or other implanted electronic devices;
        - Life-support artificial heart-lung machine or other equipment;
        - Portable ECG measurement device;
      4.The following patients shall have the professional physician's consent before using themachine
        - Acute disease patient;
        - Cancer patient;
        - Infectious disease patient;
        - Pregnant women;
        - Heart disease patient;
        - Fever patients;
        - Patients receiving another treatment or those with physical anomalies;
      5.Careful attention should be paid to following patients when using this machine:
        - Infants and young children;
        - People with sensory or physical impairment;The change in our fat

    11.Taboos (who are not suitable o o o to use this machine?)
      a) Pregnant.
      b) Isolation in the sun.
      c) Sensitive to light or medicine, or are taking medicine that sensitive to light.
      d) Using vitamin within 6 months.
      e) Not representative naevi or malignant pathological changes in the treatment area.
      f) Pacemaker or quiver dispelling device user.
      g) Herpes or trauma.
      h) Pimple record.
      i) People who accept Hirudin etc. treatment (should stop using it before 2 weeks).
      j) Severe diabetes patient, high blood pressure sufferer, and epileptic.

    12.Technical Parameter & Packing Lis
    Technical Parameter
      Host display   8 inch real color touch
      Power   800W
      Cooling liquid
      Pure water
      650mm Hg
      Vacuum pressure   0-106Kpa
      RF frequency   5Mhz
      Packing size  

    Packing List
      Main device
      RF handle
      Laser handle
      CRYO handle
      40K handle
      Power cord
      User manual

    13.After-sale Service And Maintenance
    The term of maintaining guarantee is main device 1 year and spare part 3 months from the date of purchasing according to the receipt. (Expendable is not included in it.) Others not included in maintaining guarantee or over the time, we also supply to maintain and renew but need charges. Please contact with the dealer if need change of purchasing the parts and easily expendable products.
      A. We will guarantee the quality of our equipment, normally there is no quality problem
        1.If there is a deficiency, please email or call us on the reasons, it would be best to dealt with by emailor telephone. 
    Because some of the problems are caused by using the machine in a wrong way.
        2.We suggest the client to take photos of the area where the problem occurs, we will pass them to our technician , our technician will give a satisfactory answer within 1-7 working days
        3.If the problem comes from the spare part within the warranty, we could consider in changing the spare part to our client, which could be sent with his/her next order. If the next order is uncertain, we could pay freight cost to send the spare parts.
        4.If the problem comes from the main device within the warranty, we could advice our client to post the device back to our company for repair by ordinary post, or we could re-send a new one to our client. If the cost of posting the problematic device back to BEST is more than the value of a new device, BEST would take it into consideration, according to the actual status; apply to re-send a completely new device back to our client.
      B. We won’t supply maintaining guarantee if troubles as below:
        a)Disassembling the machine by self;
        b)Fall it without caution;
        c)Lack of reasonable keeping and protect;
        d)Not operate according to the user manual.
        e)Expendable reasons
    If changes of the design and specification of the machine, we will not notice you in addition. If any queries, please feel free to contact with the local marketing company.
    All in one, we will try our best to serve you and also need your fully cooperation. Thanks.
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