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IPL E Light


The radiofrequency allows even heating inside the skin and the perfect combination of IPL can better act on the skin, from the epidermis to the deep skin. With this kind of photoelectric synergy, it can be more effective on the pathological tissue. The therapeutic effect has been improved in some aspects greatly.
E light is RF+ light energy + skin cooling.It is one of the cosmetic technology. In e-light technology, light energy plays the role of a guide who guides the RF energy to focus on the target tissue and enhancing the RF absorption of the target tissue under the condition of low light energy intensity.
At the same time, the contact cooling technology on the surface of the treatment head eliminates the thermal effect caused by too strong light energy, increases the resistance of the epidermis, reduces the absorption of rf energy by the epidermis, improves the efficacy and safety greatly. It is also effective for the light-colored target tissue.
The IPL and RF combined technology are used to provide the ideal temperature rise distribution in the deep dermis, and stimulate the collagen proliferation at different depths in the whole dermis and connective tissue.
  E light optical instrument needs energy is far lower than traditional IPL equipment, but on the premise of not injure skin, let skin layer of the dermis various pigment tissue and vascular lesions absorb more energy, remove the diseased tissuebetter.
  At the same time,it can stimulate the deep and shallow collagen hyperplasia, restore skin elasticity and make the skin get overall improvement to achieve a therapeutic effect.


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