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DPL Hair Remove Machine


Modern people attach great importance to their external image, especially in the hot summer. Girls who love beauty always like to wear some cool clothes, but there is a headache. It is easy to expose the hair under the arm. It is embarrassing. At this time, girls will choose a variety of hair removal equipments to solve this problem. Therefore, hair removal has also become a popular item in beauty salons. Recently, DPL hair removal machine has become a popular beauty equipment product, and has won the love of many beautiful women, so what is the working principle of DPL hair removal machine?

DPL hair removal instrument is an intelligent product integrating IPL technology, RF technology and cooling technology. The hair follicle is uniformly heated by the selective absorption of light energy by hair. The RF energy is concentrated on the hair follicle, thereby destroying the hair follicle. The effect of hair removal. Many people are worried that DPL hair removal technology will damage skin tissue. In fact, don't worry too much, DPL technology will not damage normal skin tissue, it is a safe method of hair removal.
Advantages of DPL hair removal machine
DPL hair removal machine has the advantages of high speed, high safety, convenient and quick, and solves many problems that cannot be solved by traditional hair removal methods.

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