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How to use ultrasonic beauty device


Ultrasonic beauty device is a kind of beauty and skin care equipment. Because ultrasonic has the characteristics of strong power and high energy, it can make skin cells vibrate and produce massage effect, thereby promoting skin circulation, improving tissue metabolism and making skin change. Smooth and flexible. Ultrasonic beauty device has many functions such as cleaning pores, skin detoxification, whitening and blemishes, and is also a popular beauty product. Therefore, you should do these things before using the instrument:

Before using the ultrasonic beauty device , the skin should be cleaned first, so as to prevent dirt from entering the skin with ultrasound and affecting the effect. The use time is usually around 20 minutes, and the long time is not good for the skin. In addition, when using the instrument, keep the probe as far away as possible from sensitive parts such as the eyes. Disconnect the power supply after use, and then clean the probe for further use.

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